Saturday, February 7, 2015

Classic Farmhouse Style

Decorating in the Farmhouse Style is based on the three "C"s:  casual, comfortable and classic. And this style can be used in any home, regardless of location. Farmhouse decorating can be as expensive as you choose. On one hand, you can invest in a farmhouse sink, beadboard paneling and aged furniture. But you don't have to blow your budget. Just mix your own items that are simple, old, vintage, or rustic.

Classic Farmhouse Style
Classic Farmhouse Style on Polyvore

Overall, Farmhouse Style is characterized by five main elements:
1. Lots of wooden accents on paneling, floors - and even counter tops
2. A neutral color scheme using lots of white walls and accessories
3. Simple kitchen and dining areas
4. Open shelving and cabinets
5. An eclectic mix of furniture and fabrics 
Plus, a brick fireplace and rustic mantle would be a special bonus!

Lamps Plus

Lamps Plus

Country Living

Crisp Architects

Crisp Architects

The best part of Farmhouse Style is that you can mix rustic, vintage and more modern furnishings. Nothing has to be "perfect"! Aged furniture and unmatched fabrics add to the charm. So remember the three "C"s to create Farmhouse Style: comfortable, casual and classic!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy Mardi Gras!

One of the longest parties in the world, Mardi Gras has already started along the Gulf Coast. Originally founded in Mobile, Ala., thousands of locals and tourists have the largest celebrations in Mobile and New Orleans. From parties to parades, there's something for everyone during Mardi Gras!

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