Saturday, November 7, 2015

pink & black kitchen

Pink and black is not a typical color palette for a kitchen. But this color combination can add a fresh look to the center of your home. Pink and black can be used in many decorating themes, including retro, romantic and modern. And if it seems a little too feminine, just add a touch of pink to a classic black kitchen. You can really shake up your kitchen with pink and black!

pink & black kitchen
pink & black kitchen on Polyvore

Pink and black bar stools - fiizi

Soft pink appliances in an updated kitchen 

Modern kitchen with chalkboard wall
and pink stools - Pinterest

Pink cabinets with black & white tile floors

Light pink walls in a black kitchen

Pink retro kitchen with a pinch of black
The Clueless Girl

Country style kitchen - The Design Files

Black walls with bright pink cabinets
apartment therapy

Pastel pink walls and black accents
The Design Chaser

The Best Party: Classic or Casual?

Which kind of party do you prefer, classic or casual? Whether you lean towards invitation only or spur-of-the-moment, how comfortable you feel at the event can make or break your experience. Living along the Gulf Coast, I've been invited to - and hosted - every kind of party. The occasions range from Mardi Gras balls to football tailgates to crawfish boils. Just like every guest is individual, every party is unique. Here are a few ideas for your next party!

The Best Party: Classic or Casual?
The Best Party: Classic or Casual? on Polyvore

Shabby chic tablescape

Unique lighting for dinner party

Flower-filled tablescape

Tailgate party fun

Football snacks and drinks

Formal table with fine china 
and heirloom silverware

Unique fall centerpiece

Formal affair with
chandeliers and tall vases

Special touches of white roses 
and mercury glass 

Lily Pulitzer-inspired table

Outdoor movie party

Back porch bar

Mini champagne bottles

The perfect combination
of gold and silver

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Stretch Jeans to Fit

Stretching out your tight jeans can also stretch your budget! Wouldn't it be great to "resize" your old jeans and not have to buy new ones? Here are three methods to loosen jeans that no longer fit.

Fashion Trick: Stretch Jeans to Fit
Fashion Trick: Stretch Jeans to Fit on Polyvore

1. The Bathtub Method
(See above)

2. The Spray Bottle Method
Waistband too tight? Lie on your bed and zip
your jeans. Then get up and soak the
waistband with warm water in a spray bottle.
Wear the jeans until they dry. 

3. The Wooden Hanger Method
Use this method if your jeans won't
button at all. You'll need to manually
stretch them. First dampen the waistband, 
then get a very large wooden hanger. 
Stretch the waistband across the hanger until 
the jeans are pulled taut. Leave to dry.

If none of these methods work, you can 

spend some money to solve your problem. 
First, you can buy a "waistband stretcher"
 for a better fit. Or you can take the jeans
to a tailor who can add a panel of
denim to enlarge the waist.

Try these ideas and you won't ever 

have to give away your favorite jeans!