Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Stretch Jeans to Fit

Stretching out your tight jeans can also stretch your budget! Wouldn't it be great to "resize" your old jeans and not have to buy new ones? Here are three methods to loosen jeans that no longer fit.

Fashion Trick: Stretch Jeans to Fit
Fashion Trick: Stretch Jeans to Fit on Polyvore

1. The Bathtub Method
(See above)

2. The Spray Bottle Method
Waistband too tight? Lie on your bed and zip
your jeans. Then get up and soak the
waistband with warm water in a spray bottle.
Wear the jeans until they dry. 

3. The Wooden Hanger Method
Use this method if your jeans won't
button at all. You'll need to manually
stretch them. First dampen the waistband, 
then get a very large wooden hanger. 
Stretch the waistband across the hanger until 
the jeans are pulled taut. Leave to dry.

If none of these methods work, you can 

spend some money to solve your problem. 
First, you can buy a "waistband stretcher"
 for a better fit. Or you can take the jeans
to a tailor who can add a panel of
denim to enlarge the waist.

Try these ideas and you won't ever 

have to give away your favorite jeans!

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