Saturday, May 16, 2015

Creative Lemonade Stands

When my children were younger, they loved selling lemonade during the summer. (And they even had a donut and hot chocolate stand during the winter!) Luckily for them, their stand resembled a teeki hut. Built by a friend, the stand was unbelievably heavy to move to the street. But it was a visual magnet for every car and neighbor passing by. Just by seeing creative lemonade stands online, I can also picture sticky fingers and Dixie cups of watery lemonade. Enjoy these fun summer creations!lemonade stand

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Grownup Treehouse

As we head into summer, my sweetest memories are of my children always playing outdoors. And their treehouse was their special summer hangout. In our backyard, we had a simple playhouse built on piers beside our pool. It's seen little use as my daughters have grown. But now it's a "happening place" again. My youngest teenage daughter decided it would make a great place for her and her friends to sleep in overnight. So my husband took it on as a project. He insulated it, put up beadboard walls and wired it for electricity. In a few years, it may not be used for sleepovers, but it will be a great studio for me to write and paint. A "grownup treehouse" is definitely in my future!Grownup Treehouse