Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pennies from Heaven

Ann Landers, the advice columnist, first introduced me to the concept of "pennies from heaven." About 10 years ago, right before the funeral of my husband's aunt, I read in Lander's column that the departed often leave pennies in our path to show that they're watching over us.

After the funeral service, we stopped at a convenience store. My car was filled with my three girls and two of their cousins. As I went into the store, I looked down and there were five pennies forming an arrow toward the door. When I came back to the car, I handed a coin to each of the children, knowing that "Aunt Tootsie" was sending me a sign.

This fascinating concept has touched my life many times over the years. My most amazing experience happened after my mother died. About a week after her funeral, I went on a trip with one of my daughters. Feeling blue about my mother's death, I decided to take a walk.

As I was coming down one hill, I began to wish for a penny in my path, a sign from my mother. Within a minute, I looked down in disbelief. There was a penny. And as I continued down the hill I began to find one penny after another until -- I was following a trail of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. With tears in my eyes, I knew that my mother's spirit was with me. 

Since that day, I've kept an envelope of "pennies from heaven" in my car. Every coin that I've found makes me smile and always makes my day a little brighter!

"For He will give his angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways."  Psalm 91:11

Angel's Pennies

I found a penny today
Just laying on the ground.
But it's not just a penny
This little coin I've found.

Found pennies come from heaven
that's what my Grandpa told me.
He said Angels tossed them down
Oh, how I loved that story!

He said when an Angel misses you
They toss a penny down.
Sometimes just to cheer you up
To make a smile out of your frown.

So don't pass by that penny
When you're feeling blue.
It may be a penny from heaven
That an Angel's tossed to you.

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