Saturday, November 29, 2014

Guest Room Essentials

Being a guest in someone else's home is always a treat. And as a homeowner, I want my guests to feel like they're in a comfortable bed & breakfast. (A four-star hotel would be nice too, but it's not in my budget!) Below are a few ideas to make a small bedroom feel warm and comfortable.

Guest Room Essentials

Guest Room Essentials by lgb321 featuring Diptyque

Hopefully the Polyvore set above will give you some stylish ideas. And while you'll need to remember practical items, such as crisp linens and comfortable pillows, there are several more ways to add to your guest's home-away-from-home experience. Special details can include:

A comfy reading nook

Interesting books and magazines

Scented candles or potpourri

A small vase of flowers

Great blankets, such as a faux fur throw

A bowl of mints 

And to make your guests feel less like intruders, add a few necessities that they might have forgotten. In plain sight on the bathroom counter keep a basket with a new toothbrush and paste, mouthwash, blowdryer, comb, cotton balls and Q-tips.

To picture how I want the rooms in my home to look, I love sketching them out. So one final suggestion would be to draw how you envision your guest room to look. You can draw on plain paper or go to a website such as Polyvore and use your imagination. A few great room designs can be found at Polyvore Top Home Sets - Nov. 29, 2014

So as the holidays begin, create a welcome retreat for family and friends with just a few special touches!

Aesthetically Pleasing, Tumblr

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