Monday, December 22, 2014

DIY Mercury Glass Ornaments

Mercury glass has always caught my eye, with its vintage, textured look. And during the holidays, mercury glass ornaments are a wonderful addition to our Christmas tree.DIY Mercury Glass Ornaments
DIY Mercury Glass Ornaments

Making your own mercury glass ornaments requires few supplies and little time. Supplies include: clear glass ornaments, Krylon Looking Glass Mirror spray paint (available at many craft stores and on, metallic gold craft paint, a spray bottle of water and a hair dryer. Using these few supplies, you can create beautiful ornaments in a few minutes. First, spray the inside of the clear ornament with the Krylon spray paint. Then add the metallic gold craft paint, using a blowdryer to swirl the paint for about 20 seconds. Finally, spray a mist of water inside, and you're done! New or old, mercury glass ornaments will add a classic touch to your Christmas tree...
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