Saturday, December 6, 2014

Simple Ways to Style Your Home

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Weekends are a great time to add some new style to your home. And you can spend little to no money to do it! Below are a few lovely rooms, followed by suggestions on updating your space.
(Source: ajchomefinder)
(Source: Brabourne Farm)
(Source: Shelterness)

A few tips to create a new look in one room in a weekend:

Sketch out the room.

Remind yourself to keep it simple.

Get rid of clutter and any items you aren't in love with. (Would you buy it in a store?) Also pitch dying flowers and plants.

Move furniture around the room, into new rooms, or donate to charity.

Clean and paint old furniture. Paint or add wallpaper inside bookcases.

"Buy" from other rooms. Find throw, pillows, accessories, plants, etc., for a new look with no cost.

Use spray paint; it's inexpensive and easy. Paint picture frames glossy black. Or add color and texture to vases and other accessories with special spray paints.

Overall, a few changes can transform the atmosphere of your home - and make a change in you! Many of these ideas, based on the philosophy of Feng Shui, can create positive effects in your life. Creating change in your home can create positive changes in your energy and happiness. A traditional Chinese saying goes, "If you want a change in your life, move 27 things in your home." 
So use some of your free time to bring a new look to your home and a new outlook to your life!

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