Friday, May 29, 2015

Farmers Market

Farmers Market
Farmers Market on Polyvore

Visiting our local farmers market is a highlight of summer.
I love supporting the local growers while
supplying my family with healthy produce.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best that
your farmers market has to offer:

Blackberries & blueberries - the bottom of the container
should be dry, not moist or stained.
The berries should be ripened and plump, not squished.

Cantaloupe - Use your nose. It should have a distinct melon aroma.
And it should be firm and round.

Cherries - look for flexile, bright green stems

Okra - Find a small bunch (under 5 inches).
If it's long and tall, the okra will be tougher.

Sweet corn - Buy early in the day.
It looses its sweetness sitting outside all day.

And finally, get to know the vendors.
They can answer your questions and provide many tips.
Then enjoy shopping at your farmers market
as you "buy fresh, buy local"!

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