Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Feline Fashion

Whether you're a cat worshipper or a dog lover, you must admit that the "cat fashion craze" is going strong. From iPhone covers to trendy earrings, cats are sweeping the marketplace. Why the obsession with these furry felines? It began on Spring 2010 runways from Miu Miu. At first the clothes were seen as a cute trend a la Hello Kitty. But then it became entrenched in every facet of fashion. Sweaters, shoes, earrings, pajamas... the list goes on and on. Suddenly, the lonely "cat lady" image was replaced with pride of all things feline. If you care to start, or continue, your own cat fashion collection, check out these Polyvore designs with lots of feline fashion!

Feline Fashion on Polyvore

"I never thought I would fall in love like this with a cat."
- Karl Lagerfeld

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