Monday, January 2, 2017

Relaxing (and Low-cost) Bedtime Routine

"Sweet dreams. Sleep tight. We love you. Good night." Such a sweet childhood saying should be repeated each night, along with your prayers. But getting a good night's sleep isn't always that easy.

Healthy sleep habits can improve your quality of life - and make your mornings much happier. Many sleep specialists suggest a standard list of ideas to get to sleep - no naps, daily exercise, a cool room, comfy bedding, and a regular sleep schedule.

But I'm a big believer of including some simple luxuries to my end-of-the-day routine. They add extra relaxation to bedtime - without the high price!

1. Warm bath - using Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt with lavender

2. Yoga in bed - BuzzFeed video on YouTube

3. Sleep app on phone - Sleep Machine Lite (free)

4. Lotion for hands & feet - Soap & Glory Hydrating Cream

5. Read the "old-fashioned" way - People magazine, on paper not a tablet, offers juicy gossip - unlike a "stay up all night, page-turner" novel!

6. Start designing a set on Polyvore
But just make a rough draft to be finished tomorrow.
You'll feel creative and get sleepy - without the time consumed by Pinterest!

Many of the ideas above are my personal favorites. But they're not the only ones! What are some of your special ways to have sweet dreams?

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