Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Candy Leftovers?

Besides devouring it, what should you do with extra Halloween candy? Halloween Candy Leftovers

Halloween Candy Leftovers by lgb321 featuring gift packs

Freeze it! Frozen chocolate is great, plus you'll eat it slower. Divide it! Put a few candies in ziploc bags, then slowly give it out as small treats or in lunch bags. Re-gift it! Children and adults would love receiving candy and a gift card as birthday gifts. Bake it! Use melted chocolate in cupcakes and crush hard candies to use as sprinkles. Donate it! Many drugstores accept leftover candy to donate later. Or you can bag it all up and take to homeless shelters, soup kitchens, hospitals, or nursing homes. (And, of course, always throw away any home baked goodies or candy in opened wrappers.) It'll take some willpower, but these ideas should help save a few calories as we go into the holiday season!

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