Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bedroom Bliss with Feng Shui

Searching for easy ways to update your master bedroom? There are many ideas for creating a new look, which usually involve spending a good amount of money and effort. But the simplest way can be found in the principles of Feng Shui.

I've learned a lot about the ancient art of Feng Shui by reading "Home Design with Feng Shui" by Terah Kathryn Collins. It's full of easy ways to create better "Chi" or the flow of energy throughout your home.

So for a master bedroom transformation, here a few ideas:

* Make it a place where "all the senses are celebrated" with candles, romantic music, lovely bedding, and beautiful art. A cozy, relaxing bed can be your haven from the world!

* Place your bed where you have a view of the door. And the view from your bed is important, too. Looking to the outdoors or nice artwork is a great way to end and start your day. The view from your bed can have an impact on your view of the world!

* Move photos of children and family to another room or place them in an armoire with closed doors. Your romantic life will improve if there aren't others "staring at you". This sounds kind of creepy but it does make sense!

* Choose furniture that creates pleasing thoughts. Nothing that reminds you of divorce, death, etc.
Also make sure all the bedroom furniture is comfortable with no sharp edges.

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* Try to have plenty of space and pretty nightstands on each side of the bed.

* Remove any clutter throughout the room, including any mess under the bed.

* Dedicate the room to being a bedroom. No exercise equipment or desks allowed.

* Choose art that is serene and romantic, nothing too busy. And be sure to hang only lightweight art over the bed.

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* Try not to hang mirrors or at most only one. Mirrors can keep a bedroom awake all night, according to the principles of Feng Shui. If there is a mirror in your bedroom, try to use a small one that's far from the bed. And covering mirrors at night has been shown to help cure insomnia!

* Add fresh flowers or green plants but be sure to immediately remove any dying greenery.

* Use soft lighting throughout the room. Instead of bright overhead lighting, you can add ambiance with floor and table lamps. Plus there's nothing like candles for instantly creating a romantic mood!

Finally, I discovered an interesting fact when I researched the definition of Feng Shui's "Chi". Chi, the twenty-second letter in the Greek alphabet, is translated in traditional Latin as "ch as in Christ." And like Chi, Christ is a circulating life force that impacts us all. What a great connection!

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