Thursday, November 13, 2014

Layered Look

It feels like the weather has changed overnight in L.A. (Lower Alabama). We've gone from last week's sunny 70s to this week's hard freeze in the 20s at night. But bundled up for cold weather, I don't always feel stylish -- more like the Michelin man in puffy vests and jackets! Instead of dreading the cold, I'm trying to layer a few basic pieces. Warm is good; comfy is even better! 

This fall look, for example, includes popular items: an infinity scarf, black booties, marled knit sweater and a plaid check coat. This casual outfit is perfect for feeling comfortable - as well as fashionable!

Layered Look

Layered Look by lgb321 featuring a leather purse

Here are a few inexpensive items to add to your cold weather wardrobe:

Leopard Infinity Scarf, $11, from

Black Booties, $44.99, from

Black & white toggle coat, $57.80, from

Denim-seamed Sweater, $37.99, from

Of course, you can add or remove these layers depending on the day's forecast. 

So stay in style, no matter what the weather brings!

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