Friday, January 9, 2015

Colorful Gym Style

Need to jazz up your exercise routine in the new year? Try adding some bright workout clothes for fun. You'll feel a lot happier as you're getting healthier. More motivation! No excuses! Colorful Gym Style
(Source: Colorful Gym Style on Polyvore)
"Perfect Crew" (Source: Victoria's Secret)
V-neck Top (Source: Question-Air)
Yoga Top (Source: H&M)
Sneaker Socks (Source: Keds)

Sports Bra (Source: Target)

Nike Mesh Sneakers (Source: NET-A-PORTER)
"Sweat in Style" collage (Source with links: Bedazzles After Dark)
And while this pullover isn't very colorful, it sure is fun! 
Maybe for relaxing after a workout?
"My Yoga Pants" Pullover (Source: Zazzle

Finally, this inspiring quote adds a colorful thought 
about how to truly exercise your heart!

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