Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year's Closet

Looking for an inspiring and fun New Year's resolution? Closet organization ranks at the top of mine. An organized closet makes my life calmer and easier each day. It's much less of a hassle to pick out my own outfits - and keeps down the mess when my three daughters look for clothes in my walk-in.
Below are several closets, which aren't all realistic, but definitely add a kickstart to this resolution. And when you get back to reality, look further below for tips and examples of simple closet organizers!Elegant Closet
(Source: Elegant Closet on Polyvore)

(Source: Ballard Designs)
(Source: decor pad)
(Source: Who What Wear)
(Source: decor pad)
Elegant closets like those above are a reality for only a few people.
But Ballard Designs offers a few tips to create your own version.
1. Design and visualize your dream closet.
2. Tuck special details into your closet.
3. Claim an unused corner for shoes, etc.
4. Corral your shoes in cabinets or cubbies.
5. Organize jewelry and accessories.
6. Combine storage needs for different items.
7. Add a vanity.
(Source: Ballard Designs)

Drawer Divider ($1.99 for three pack)
(Source: ikea )
Multi-use Hanger, $6.79
(Source: ikea)
Box Set, $11.98
(Source: ikea)
Wall Organizer, $136
(Source: ikea)
So instead of spring cleaning, start winter organizing.
And start with a fresh, peaceful look in your closet!

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